Make a Vision Board and get it to work for you!


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How to make a Vision Board and get it to work for you!

Abraham Hicks
sums up the how The Law of Attraction works, and the missing piece that keeps most people from actually getting this Universal Law to work for them:

“There are three steps in the Creative Process. The first step is: ask for what you want. You can ask with your words, but your asking is really happening on a vibrational level.

The second step is: answer the request. That’s not your job; that is the job of Source Energy and Universal Forces. Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn.) is the manager of that. But that answer always comes, and it always comes swiftly and accurately and precisely, and fully in the moment of your asking.

“When you ask, it is always given, now,” surprises many people, because they say, “Can’t be right. I know, I’ve been asking, and my stuff has not shown up yet.” And we say, that’s because you are unaware of your job in the third step.

And the third step is: you must be in the receiving mode of what you’re asking for. You have to be a vibrational match to your own desire, or, in this vibrationally based Universe, you’re not letting it in. Usually, the asking is born where your vibration is not pure. So, in the middle of the asking, you are rarely in the receiving mode.

We think the thing that confuses so many of you, is that you think you are asking with your words, and when you ask with your words, if the answer is coming, it should come right now, and it should be in a form that you could recognize. And when it doesn’t come right now, in the middle of your asking, you assume that something has gone wrong. And we say, nothing is wrong. You’re just in step one. When you get in step three, you’ll let it in.”

This is why doing Vision Boards and using the awesome easy and cool exercises Terri and I am giving you is so important. Just asking for what you want with words doesn’t work. We must be a vibrational match to draw what we want to us. We become a vibrational match to what we want, when we FEEL the FEELINGS which are associated with those dreams coming true. And, spending just this little bit of time doing this will not only help attract what you want faster, but it will also just make you feel REALLY AMAZING TOO!

You CAN have anything you want if you believe it is possible, and that is both the problem and the answer! If you don’t have what you want now, it’s probably because you don’t quite think its possible on a physical and subconscious level.

This can change right now!

  • After you make your Vision Board, make a list of what those pictures mean to you and see what feelings they bring up.
  • How do these pictures make you feel?
  • How would having these things make you feel?
  • Now, think about what song makes you feel the same way?

In my Believe Bootcamp Program, which is my manifesting intensive, we have made Vision Boards, our list of adjectives, and titles for our New Year’s Vision. Everyone has chosen a song, which lights them up, turns them onto and taps them into the feelings of having their dreams come true!

It’s an amazingly easy and FUN way to start get you harnessing the Law of Attraction and being a vibrational match to what you want the way Abraham Hicks describes above.

Check out some of my class’ boards and songs below for inspiration!

One of my class members is living in apartment now which has a view which is almost identical to the one on her last Vision Board!

Two of my class members have started dating after having dry spells. One of them actually got a text from someone she had gone out with years ago during class last week! And, the other met an amazing guy on the train after one of our all day intensives.

I myself, have seen an image on one of my vision boards come to life in my real life. As I sat poolside, writing something for my website, at a friend’s club in the Poconos, I realized, I was witnessing a scene from one of my vision boards. I got to see how I could have life balance and simultaneously have my career, kids and and a fun life. I got to witness how they all could exist at once, as I did some work and watched our friends’ kids play in the pool surrounded by amazing mountains on a beautiful summer day!


When I got home, I was amazed by how similar that image was to one I had in my Vision Board! The pool HAD THAT EXACT RAFT in the middle, with the mountains on either side, and I was doing work in the middle of this scene! (represented by woman in white suit)

This really works, and its super fun to do too!

Check out some of the boards from my class below

  • make your board
  • write your adjectives
  • pick a title
  • and your song
  • and get inspired and vibrate to it everyday!

Vision Board Inspiration From Lara’s BELIEVE BOOTCAMP CLASS

My Year of Fierce, Feminine Fun, Sassy Self-Expression, and Creative Success!
My song which expresses this is- “Fancy” by Iggy Azaela


My year ignited with fearless, passionate and intimate ROMANCE, DANCE and FRIENDSHIPS!!!
My song which expresses this is- “Body Beautiful” by Salt N Peppa


My year of divine passionate healing and fierce breakthroughs!
My song which represents this is- “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled


I start a new BELIEVE BOOTCAMP in Oct, and will be doing introductions to it in Sept and early Oct. If you would like an invite, sign up here, and we will email you the deets in about a week.

OH! and don’t forget Terri’s Manifesting Meditation to do before bed in the pm! The best time to access your subconscious is in the am and pm, so we got ya covered now on both ends!

Manifesting in your dreams! How is that for efficient?

I would LOVE to hear how this works for you! Do you have a vision board success story? When’s the last time you made a vision board? Make a new one and share your vision with us on Facebook and Twitter

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