The Secret to Attracting Love


Attracting Love

The Secret to Attracting Love

It’s simple in theory, and yet it took me years to really be able to experience what I am going to share with you now.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein

So, be love, and receive love.

Before getting real with myself with this work, I thought, “No problem, of course, I do that.” And yet, I didn’t have the husband I wanted.

If I wasn’t attracting it, by the rules of The Law of Attraction, I wasn’t believing it was possible on all levels.

So, I committed to doing my subconscious brain training to get my mind and central nervous system comfortable with the below phrases.

See if any anxiety or tightness comes up in your body as you read these; see if you can pinpoint where you feel it.

  • I am lovable.
  • It feels good to receive praise and appreciation and gifts.
  • I love every part of myself.
  • I can be loving and accepting of everyone.
  • I have more then enough love to give.
  • It’s easy to set boundaries with those I love.

If you got tight or felt anxious while reading any of these, it’s physical sign that you are not totally comfortable with one or more of these ideas.

I find most of my clients and I were taught by our well meaning parents to be humble and self effacing to the point of being unable to receive praise.
Somehow it was and is considered gracious to refute compliments and praise verses just receiving it with a simple thank you.

I mean why can’t we simply say, “Thank you so much, that made me feel really good.” Versus, “Oh no, you’re too kind.”

How many of you have ever pushed a compliment away?

How do you think it makes the person giving the compliment feel? Wouldn’t you feel good if you complimented someone and they thanked you after you said it?

Interesting, right?

How many of you have avoided making connections with family or friends, because you were afraid they would ask you for something you didn’t want to give?
If you have any guilt concerning any of your relationships, getting this concept and practicing it will change your life!

What If you could express your love and acceptance for someone and set boundaries in a way that makes everyone feel good?

What if, instead of beating yourself up about parts of yourself you don’t like, you could love and accept all of you and simply take action instead of procrastinating?

It is simply way more productive to let go of negative self talk. Think about it: you want to do something and you are telling yourself what a loser you for not doing it sooner. Is that helpful? Not so much.

AND, if you don’t feel like you have more then enough love to give, you may just need a little help getting in touch with your connection to Source energy. That’s what helped me get it. You can read my experience of finding this in Brazil with John of God here. 

The below exercise will help get you more in alignment with all of these ideas including feeling like you have love to give. It’s only 2 minutes, and it’s something that usually makes the people in my classes feel amazing and start to just glow from the inside out! People actually look different after doing this exercise. Actually all you have to DO is watch the video, nothing more, so go for it, and let me know how you feel after!

The same way you can train your body to run a marathon, you can train your CNS and your psyche to be comfortable having the relationship, body and bank account you desire. It just takes some time energy and effort.
And, we will be spending an entire 2 and a half hours on getting physically in alignment with having plenty of love AND money on Wednesday night at my Believe Bootcamp Class from 7:00p-9:30pm at The She Creates Change Studio in midtown. And if you can’t make it this Wednesday, there’s another class Saturday June 7th from 10:00am-12:30pm! 

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Much love and success,


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