Some Relief from Mercury in Retrograde!


Some Relief from Mercury in Retrograde!

Wow! So, I was doing pretty well riding out this past Mercury in Retrograde till last week when I got a headache and another wave of people came into my office feeling out of sorts- foggy headed, tired, achy, and just off. I found many people testing weak when they were facing the same direction, mostly east. And, the fix is strengthening the auric field.
I made a quick video to show you how, so you can get some relief too if you have been feeling the symptoms described above or just not yourself lately.


And, to get the most out of this last week of Mercury’s Retrograde, see if you can surrender to the forces at play, and roll with them. Weave your aura, and if your schedule gets challenged by miscommunication or cancellations or your technology challenges you, let go of your upset, chalk it up to Mercury and see what the Universe may be trying to tell you. What could be gained by having a little more time then expected on your hands? What could be gained by taking a break from that technology? What could you reconsider or reflect upon? With whom could you reconnect? How can you better communicate what you want?
I am going to see my friend and the creator of Intensati, Patricia Moreno’s talk on Friday which is about how you communicate with yourself. Come join me.

Change your language. Change your life.  An inspiring talk by Patricia Moreno 11/8 @intensati

Much love and peace through this week.
We are back to normal 11/11!


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