How to Free Your Mind and Make So Much More Possible


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Monday Morning Inspiration:
How to Free Your Mind and Make So Much More Possible

Last week was quite a week! I got back from an amazing trip to see John of God in Toronto, got engaged Monday night, and had many epiphanies during last week. The most major one was just to keep re-committing to being more aware of my thoughts about everything I want.

My guide on my trip to Brazil in 2011, Bob Dinga said something I really needed to hear the final day of the event.

When talking about how the healing that happens with John of God occurs, he said,
“God does about 25 percent of the work.
The Spirits that help John do 25 percent, and we do the other 50 percent of the healing.”

On my last day in Brazil back in 2011, my guides, Bob and Diana Dinga both told the group to change whatever we could in our lives to support the changes we had made with John of God. They suggested that even moving the position of our beds, just a little could help us remember how we were different and help to support our new attitudes.

I started my Dream Support Class a month and a half after I got back, and that class has helped me stay accountable for making sure I am thinking thoughts which support what I want, and letting go of negative ones which are not in alignment with what I want. It has been the vehicle for me to have so many amazing dreams come to be this past year.

I am starting a new class series next Monday, and you can read more about that class here.

Contact us at if you are interested.

But for right now,
Think of the #1 thing you want in your life that you don’t have.
How would you feel if whatever you want happened in the most ideal way possible?
Would you be happy? Feel loved? Relieved?
Proud? Healthy? Vibrant? Joyful? Free?

Now, fill in this blank with that adjective-

“I am _____________.”

Simply repeating this phrase to yourself as you walk down the street, and go about your day can change quite a lot!

Its even more effective if you do some brain gym while you think it-
– think of the letter “X” as you think it
– as you walk pay attention to making an opposite arm to leg swing
– sit with your arms and legs crossed
– smile as you say it to yourself

You are simply exercising thoughts which are more in alignment with what you want, so you are being the person who gets what they want, and like attracts like, so take a minute and rock this simple exercise out!

Free your mind, and so much more is possible!

Onward and Upward with Love,


PS For more on my Dream Support Class, check out the info on my website:


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