Allergy Hack!



Spring has FINALLY sprung, and with it, seasonal allergies, complete with stuffy head, sinus pressure, watery, itchy eyes and even coughs and cold-like symptoms!

No worries; Natural relief is here!

Access and download this exercise that you can do with or without Lemon Essential Oil to help alleviate sinus pressure and to open up your nasal passages so that you can breathe again!!!

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And try these common sense tips you probably haven’t thought of:

If your allergies get worse at night …
1. Clean your home more often to pick up the extra dust, pollen, and other airborne household allergens and make sure your vacuum filter is a HEPA filter. You actually could be stirring up pollen versus filtering it out of your home without one.

2. Change your clothes and shower when you get home to remove pollen from your person. Clear your nasal passages of allergens and irritants with a neti pot or my favorite a NeilMed.  Clear it off and out of your system, so you aren’t exposing yourself, as you try to rest.

3. Wear shades 😉 Sunglasses can keep pollen out of your eyes.

If your allergies are worse in the morning or your symptoms start when you walk out your door …
4. Avoid exercising outdoors or wait until the evening. The pollen count tends to be highest in the morning and ragweed worst midday.

5. Notice if your allergy symptoms get worse after eating. If they do, take an inventory of what you just ate, and try eliminating one of the more common inflammatory foods. I would try dairy, gluten or sugar first, and see if you notice a difference.

Now for Natural Remedies That Work!

I am always pleasantly surprised when things like this work!
7. Inhaling Lemon Oil, then rubbing it on the sinus points in this free exercise has given me instant relief and helped me breathe again! While the acupressure exercise in this same video immediately relieves my sinus pressure.

8. Vitamin C is a well-known immune-booster and 2000mg a day can lower histamine levels.

9. Add ginger to your juice or make fresh ginger tea by peeling and boiling ginger in water. Ginger is a natural antihistamine! Add local raw honey for a further immune booster and to help your body begin to build up your immunity to local pollen.

10. Drink a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8-10oz of water to reap the benefits of this anti-inflammatory and antibacterial wonder water!

Click Here for Your Allergy Hack!

Cheers to a clear head and deep, easy breaths!


Lara Riggio is an Energy Effect Coach, based in her Central Park Energy Center at Columbus Circle.  Her goal is to get your body’s energy, your intentions, and your actions into alignment, all supporting the same desired effect.