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When I ask my clients to think about all that they achieved last year, most have a hard time getting the list started.

Somehow it’s easier to focus on the negative and what didn’t happen. Yet, so much did happen for you last year too!

A friend of mine passed this passage on to me, and it had a magical effect. I invite you to read it, then write a thank you note to yourself. The instructions are below it.

By Rob Brezsny, Freewillastrology.com


Your debts forgiven
Your wounds healed
Your apologies accepted
Your generosity expanded
Your love educated
Your desires clarified
Your uniqueness unleashed
Your untold stories heard
Your insight heightened
Your load lightened
Your wildness rejuvenated
Your leaks plugged
Your courage stoked
Your fears dissolved
Your imagination fed
Your creativity uncorked

From this level of possibility, would you do this for yourself?

Celebrate all you did for yourself this past year?

Please, right now, just sit for 3 minutes, and finish this sentence.

Dear Self,

Thank you for __________________________________________

Just set a timer and write.

You are so ready to thank everyone else, please don’t forget about yourself.

I would love to know how this goes.

So much love!!!!


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