Your Male and Female Parts In Conflict?



There is a fight for power and energy happening between Yin (Female Oriented) and Yang (Male Oriented) Meridians of late.  I have been seeing this imbalance in just about everyone that has been coming in for sessions.

The Yins, the meridians that motivate all your life-sustaining functions, like your heart, kidneys, and liver, are showing up depleted because the Yang Meridians are exerting so much energy to power action and forward motion.

There is a conflict between nurturing yourself and managing all that is coming your way and all you want to achieve.

The recent retrograde, solar eclipse and hurricanes have caused a friction or static that has put a lot of people’s central nervous systems on a stress alert. It’s like there is a background noise that is annoying you, but you don’t realize it was affecting you until it stops. Then, you are like, Ahhhhh, peace again.

While, this time of year, end of summer/back to school, is bringing pressures to get more done as well as to be out enjoying the weather while it lasts. Keep going, going, going, and your energy may go gone.

Try this exercise to help find peace again from these environmental disturbances, and for some suggestions on how to nourish yourself and your energies as you do the things you want to do.

It may seem counterintuitive, but stopping to refuel your energy tank, while it may take a little time away from what you are doing, may make you more effective doing it. When you are more effective, everything takes less time;)

Cheers to getting more done with greater ease and in less time!


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lara riggio

Lara Riggio is an Energy Effect Coach, based in her Central Park Energy Center at Columbus Circle.  Her goal is to get your body’s energy, your intentions, and your actions into alignment, all supporting the same desired effect.